Het beste van Cineville

Op deze pagina vind je de 250 beste speelfilms volgens Cinevillers, welke films nu of binnenkort te zien zijn en wat de beste films waren van de afgelopen jaren. Ook zie je films die maar op enkele plekken (gaan) draaien en speelfilmtips met te weinig stemmen voor de toplijsten.

De belangrijkste score is de wauwfactor, een indicator voor hoeveel mensen de film fantastisch vond ten op zichte van het aantal mensen dat de film prima vond. Daarnaast wordt het gemiddelde aantal sterren getoond.

Cineville top 250

# Film Jaar Scores
1The Lord of the Rings Marathon200189☆4,74
2Una giornata particolare197786☆4,69
3Pulp Fiction199485☆4,63
412 Angry Men195785☆4,68
5The Room 200384☆3,81
6The Godfather197284☆4,63
7Seven Samurai195483☆4,48
8The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring200182☆4,62
9The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King200382☆4,56
10The Godfather: Part II197482☆4,49
11The Lion King 199481☆4,51
12One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest197581☆4,60
13Spirited Away200181☆4,56
14The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers200280☆4,53
16The Sound of Music196579☆4,47
17The Pianist 200279☆4,51
18Apocalypse Now 197979☆4,52
19Parasite 201979☆4,57
20Kom en zie 198578☆4,42
21Grave of the Fireflies198878☆4,50
22Once Upon a Time in the West196877☆4,50
24La haine199577☆4,53
25Paris, Texas 198477☆4,44
26A Little Life202377☆4,40
27The Shining198077☆4,49
282001: A Space Odyssey196877☆4,41
29Barry Lyndon197576☆4,31
30Call Me by Your Name201776☆4,41
31David Byrne's American Utopia202076☆4,48
32There Will Be Blood200776☆4,48
33Lawrence of Arabia196276☆4,44
34Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain200176☆4,47
36The Big Lebowski199875☆4,46
37The Good, the Bad and the Ugly196675☆4,45
38The Red Shoes194875☆4,46
39Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles197575☆4,34
40Fight Club199975☆4,45
44The Silence of the Lambs199174☆4,49
45The Rocky Horror Picture Show197574☆4,36
46The Broken Circle Breakdown201274☆4,30
48City of God 200274☆4,50
49Thelma & Louise199174☆4,49
51The General192674☆4,46
52Princess Mononoke199773☆4,40
53Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind200473☆4,39
56Heat 199573☆4,33
57Life of Brian197973☆4,17
59Poor Things202372☆4,32
60The Act of Killing201272☆4,31
61Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 201872☆4,39
62La grande bellezza201372☆4,14
63West Side Story 196172☆4,39
64Herr Bachmann und seine Klasse202172☆4,46
65Rear Window195472☆4,43
66Requiem for a Dream200072☆4,41
67The Matrix199972☆4,40
69Paris Is Burning199072☆4,27
71It's a Wonderful Life 194671☆4,36
72The Father202071☆4,43
73Stop Making Sense198471☆4,39
74Memories of Murder201371☆4,38
75De Matthäus missie van Reinbert de Leeuw201671☆4,40
76Singin' in the Rain195271☆4,42
77Once Upon a Time in America198471☆4,29
78No Country for Old Men200771☆4,42
79Andrej Roebljov196671☆4,17
80Little Miss Sunshine200671☆4,38
82Dancer in the Dark200271☆4,33
83Back to the Future198571☆4,40
84Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse 202370☆4,30
87Blade Runner198270☆4,30
89Doctor Zhivago196570☆4,17
90Full Metal Jacket198770☆4,42
92M - eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder193170☆4,41
93Jesus Christ Superstar197370☆4,11
94My Neighbor Totoro198870☆4,41
95Children of Men200670☆4,31
96Mulholland Drive 200169☆4,29
97Werk ohne Autor201869☆4,28
98In the Mood for Love200069☆4,33
99Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban200469☆4,43
100The Turin Horse201169☆4,33
101The Grand Budapest Hotel201469☆4,33
103Lost in Translation200369☆4,33
104The Apartment196069☆4,41
105Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 200169☆4,26
106Das Leben der Anderen200669☆4,43
107Green Border202369☆4,36
108All of Us Strangers202369☆4,31
109Taxi Driver197669☆4,33
1114 maanden, 3 weken en 2 dagen200769☆4,26
112Being John Malkovich199969☆4,33
113The Great Dictator194069☆4,25
115Mad Max: Fury Road201568☆4,22
119Howl's Moving Castle200468☆4,34
120Fanny & Alexander198268☆4,30
121A Clockwork Orange197168☆4,27
122Stand by Me198668☆4,24
123Jurassic Park199368☆4,29
124Donnie Darko200168☆4,33
125Alien 197968☆4,35
127Inglourious Basterds200968☆4,32
129Before Sunrise199567☆4,23
130The Return200367☆4,29
131Tokyo Godfathers200367☆4,20
132Perfect Blue 199767☆4,26
133Where is the Friend’s House?198867☆4,32
134Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb196467☆4,31
136Summer of Soul202167☆4,32
137Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri201767☆4,32
140But I'm a Cheerleader199967☆4,26
141A Woman Under the Influence197467☆4,26
142Sunset Boulevard195066☆4,33
14410 Things I Hate About You199966☆4,32
145Kiki's Delivery Service198966☆4,33
146Before Sunset200466☆4,26
147Oldboy 200366☆4,18
150Boogie Nights199766☆4,35
151Terminator 2: Judgment Day199166☆4,23
152Some Like it Hot195966☆4,32
153The Departed200666☆4,29
154Perfect Days202366☆4,28
156La vie d'Adèle201365☆4,17
157Do the Right Thing198965☆4,31
158Annie Hall197765☆4,30
159The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert199465☆4,20
160Otto e Mezzo 196365☆4,14
162La notte196165☆4,26
163Breaking the Waves199665☆4,21
165The First Slam Dunk202365☆4,24
166Paths of Glory195765☆4,32
168Roman Holiday195365☆4,25
169The Tree of Life201165☆3,74
170Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 201865☆4,02
171Il gattopardo196365☆4,24
172Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind198465☆4,18
173An Elephant Sitting Still201864☆4,16
174E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 198264☆4,19
175Tokyo Story195364☆4,21
176Rosemary's Baby196864☆4,20
177The Battle of Algiers196564☆4,34
178Dirty Dancing198764☆4,01
179Les uns et les autres198164☆4,15
180Blue Velvet198664☆4,27
181Chungking Express199464☆4,24
182Dog Day Afternoon197564☆4,30
183Manchester by the Sea201664☆4,25
184Harold and Maude197164☆4,21
185Love Actually 200364☆4,08
186Pan's Labyrinth200663☆4,27
187Y tu mamá también200163☆4,31
188The Graduate196763☆4,25
189De helaasheid der dingen200963☆4,21
192Hunt for the Wilderpeople201663☆4,23
193Werckmeister harmóniák 200063☆4,13
194Mon Oncle195763☆3,99
195Kill Bill: Vol. 1200363☆4,32
197The Seventh Seal195763☆4,25
198The Blue Caftan202263☆4,24
200Everything Everywhere All at Once202263☆3,85
201Elephant 200363☆4,02
202The Thin Red Line199863☆4,26
203Portrait de la jeune fille en feu201963☆4,15
204Mississippi Burning198862☆4,32
205Black Swan201062☆4,17
207The Salt of the Earth201462☆4,10
208V for Vendetta200562☆3,95
209Nick Cave: One More Time With Feeling201662☆4,13
210Funeral Parade of Roses196962☆4,19
211Romeo + Juliet199662☆4,24
215The Truman Show199862☆4,36
217Angst essen Seele auf197462☆4,26
218Guess Who's Coming to Dinner196762☆4,22
219The Last Waltz197862☆4,11
220City Lights193162☆4,25
222Modern Times193662☆4,33
223Past Lives202361☆4,21
224Woodstock 197061☆4,22
225De spiegel197461☆4,01
226Down by Law198661☆4,21
227Kill Bill: Vol. 2200461☆4,26
228Il conformista197061☆4,07
229Cléo de 5 à 7196261☆4,21
230Marcel the Shell with Shoes On202161☆4,02
231Synecdoche, New York200861☆4,02
232Ghost in the Shell 199561☆4,09
233A Single Man200961☆4,15
234Wall-E 200861☆4,14
235National Theatre Live: Vanya202461☆4,25
236Django Unchained201261☆4,14
237Der Himmel über Berlin 198761☆4,10
239Yi Yi200061☆3,92
242The Dreamers200360☆4,04
243Raging Bull198060☆4,23
245Dune: Part Two202360☆4,12
247In This Corner of the World201660☆4,15
248Anatomy of a Fall202360☆4,22
249Enter the Void200960☆3,98
250The Tale of the Princess Kaguya201460☆4,13

Nu of binnenkort te zien bij Cineville

# Film Jaar Scores
1City of God 200274☆4,50
2Poor Things202372☆4,32
3Do Not Expect Too Much from the End of the World202371☆4,17
4Before Sunrise199567☆4,23
6Dune: Part Two202360☆4,12
7The Zone of Interest202359☆4,14
8Letter from an Unknown Woman194859☆4,31
9The Braid202457☆3,82
10Spoorloos 198855☆4,13
11Fucking Åmål 199855☆4,07
12Moving 199352☆4,04
13C'è ancora domani202451☆4,06
14Dogtooth 200951☆4,00
15Before Midnight201350☆3,96
16Krazy House202348☆2,54
17I Am the River, the River Is Me202447☆3,84
18Maria Montessori202342☆3,88
20De terugreis202341☆3,87
21Nice Ladies202440☆3,89
22The Monk and the Gun202340☆3,67
23The Beast202340☆3,18
24La chimera202339☆3,73
27Love Lies Bleeding202433☆3,68
28The End We Start From202333☆3,70
29Gimme Shelter 197032☆3,77
30Patrick and the Whale202331☆3,48
31Wicked Little Letters202429☆3,58
32The Stones and Brian Jones202328☆3,48
33The Mother of All Lies202327☆3,34
34Back to Black202426☆3,47
37Together 99202324☆3,28
38Un métier sérieux202324☆3,55
39The Sweet East202324☆3,45
40Laatste ronde202424☆3,24
41Housekeeping for Beginners202323☆3,38
42Mothers' Instinct202423☆3,39
43Hit Man202322☆3,56
44Garfield 202422☆3,09
46Dream Scenario202319☆3,33
47The Fall Guy202419☆3,28
48Lost in the Night202316☆3,33
49Vos en Haas redden het bos202415☆3,72
50Only the River Flows202414☆3,33
51Joan Baez: I Am a Noise202313☆3,71
52Bed & Breakfast20240☆2,80
 The Border Crossed Us2024  
 Nata per te2023  
 The Royal Hotel2023  
 Showing Up2022  
 Het muizenhuis: Sam en Julia in de bioscoop2024  
 Holland Pop 19702024  
 Knox Goes Away2024  
 The Movie Teller2023  
 Hors saison2023  
 Lassie: Een nieuw avontuur2024  
 Black Tea2024  

Cineville top 50 recent

# Film Jaar Scores
1A Little Life202377☆4,40
2David Byrne's American Utopia202076☆4,48
3Poor Things202372☆4,32
4Herr Bachmann und seine Klasse202172☆4,46
6The Father202071☆4,43
7Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse 202370☆4,30
8Green Border202369☆4,36
9All of Us Strangers202369☆4,31
10Summer of Soul202167☆4,32
11Perfect Days202366☆4,28
13The First Slam Dunk202365☆4,24
14The Blue Caftan202263☆4,24
15Everything Everywhere All at Once202263☆3,85
18Past Lives202361☆4,21
19Marcel the Shell with Shoes On202161☆4,02
20National Theatre Live: Vanya202461☆4,25
21Dune: Part Two202360☆4,12
22Anatomy of a Fall202360☆4,22
24The Zone of Interest202359☆4,14
25Verdwenen Stad202459☆4,19
28Zee van tijd202058☆4,09
29The Quiet Girl202258☆4,20
30Je verrai toujours vos visages202357☆4,13
31Böse Spiele Rimini Sparta202357☆4,03
32Aurora's Sunrise202257☆4,15
33The Velvet Queen202157☆4,17
35Shadow Game202057☆4,17
36Seven Winters in Tehran202357☆4,18
37The Worst Person in the World202156☆4,07
38De acht bergen202256☆4,13
39Dune: Part One202055☆3,97
40Triangle of Sadness202155☆4,02
41Nowhere Special202055☆4,12
42The Mauritanian202154☆4,14
43All the Beauty and the Bloodshed202254☆4,04
44Drive My Car202154☆3,97
45Four Daughters202354☆4,05
46The President's Daughter & the Richest Freeborn Lady202354☆4,11
47Hotel Mokum202353☆3,83
49One Life202353☆4,08
50Als ik mijn ogen sluit202453☆4,15

Cineville tip 50

# Film Jaar Scores
1The Ice Storm199790☆4,73
2Peppermint Candy199990☆4,50
3La meglio gioventù200387☆4,73
4Cinema Paradiso198886☆4,39
5The Cameraman192886☆4,20
6Blue 199386☆3,82
7Royal Opera House: Het Zwanenmeer202085☆4,70
8Royal Opera House: Le nozze di Figaro202285☆4,67
9Giselle: Het Nationale Ballet202484☆4,64
10A Mother's Touch202283☆4,52
11El espíritu de la colmena197383☆4,44
12Ladri di biciclette194883☆4,64
13Le salaire de la peur195382☆4,45
14Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans192779☆4,65
15Royal Opera House: Madama Butterfly202379☆4,53
16Dagen zonder lief200779☆4,44
17The Iron Giant199978☆4,57
18De Matthäus van Naarden202478☆4,52
19Mary and Max200978☆4,64
20La règle du jeu193978☆4,64
21A World Not Ours201278☆4,55
22Wolf Children201278☆4,28
23Die Andere Heimat: Chronik einer Sehnsucht201377☆4,03
24Als de kraanvogels overvliegen 195776☆4,57
25Hundreds of Beavers202276☆4,29
26One Cut of the Dead201876☆4,26
27Royal Opera House: Turandot202276☆4,48
28Dune: Part One + Part Two202476☆4,38
2920 Days in Mariupol202375☆4,53
30National Theatre Live: Life of Pi202375☆4,50
31Peppermint Soda197775☆4,38
32New York: Twenty-Four Dollar Island202375☆4,18
33A New Old Play202175☆4,26
34Occupied City202374☆4,29
35Dekaloog 9 + 10198974☆4,50
36Citizen Kane194174☆4,50
38Dekalog 1 & 2198973☆4,52
39Shrek 2200473☆4,35
40De avonturen van Prins Achmed192673☆4,57
41Royal Opera House: Assepoester202273☆4,50
42Cría cuervos197673☆4,43
43Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars 197372☆4,43
44Dial M for Murder195472☆4,43
46The Raid201172☆4,24
47Die große Ekstase des Bildschnitzers Steiner197471☆4,20
50Out of Uganda202271☆3,83

Op enkele plekken te zien

# Film Jaar Scores
1Pulp Fiction199485☆4,63
2Royal Opera House: Het Zwanenmeer202085☆4,70
312 Angry Men195785☆4,68
4The Godfather: Part II197482☆4,49
6The Pianist 200279☆4,51
7Parasite 201979☆4,57
8La haine199577☆4,53
9Als de kraanvogels overvliegen 195776☆4,57
10Call Me by Your Name201776☆4,41
11Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain200176☆4,47
13The Big Lebowski199875☆4,46
1420 Days in Mariupol202375☆4,53
16The Rocky Horror Picture Show197574☆4,36
17Thelma & Louise199174☆4,49
18Princess Mononoke199773☆4,40
21Rear Window195472☆4,43
22The Matrix199972☆4,40
24The Father202071☆4,43
25Little Miss Sunshine200671☆4,38
27In the Mood for Love200069☆4,33
28Das Leben der Anderen200669☆4,43
29Green Border202369☆4,36
30All About Eve195069☆4,35
31Howl's Moving Castle200468☆4,34
32Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors196467☆4,14
33Before Sunset200466☆4,26
34Oldboy 200366☆4,18
36Eat Drink Man Woman199466☆4,45
37Perfect Days202366☆4,28
38Do the Right Thing198965☆4,31
39The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert199465☆4,20
40Paths of Glory195765☆4,32
41Miller's Crossing199064☆3,95
42Blue Velvet198664☆4,27
43Dog Day Afternoon197564☆4,30
44Mary Poppins 196463☆4,13
45Y tu mamá también200163☆4,31
46The Thin Red Line199863☆4,26
47Rotting in the Sun202363☆4,09
48Into the Wild200862☆4,22
49Funeral Parade of Roses196962☆4,19
53Past Lives202361☆4,21
54Down by Law198661☆4,21
55Il conformista197061☆4,07
56Cléo de 5 à 7196261☆4,21
57L'arche de Noé202461☆3,79
58National Theatre Live: Vanya202461☆4,25
59Lola rennt199861☆4,15
60Yi Yi200061☆3,92
61In This Corner of the World201660☆4,15
62Pickpocket 195960☆4,04
63Indonesië, omzien naar de kolonie202260☆3,00
64Anatomy of a Fall202360☆4,22
65The Tale of the Princess Kaguya201460☆4,13
67Eyes Wide Shut199959☆4,12
68Taipei Story198559☆3,61
69Todo sobre mi madre199959☆4,21
70Pink Flamingos197259☆3,55
71Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas199958☆3,91
73The Quiet Girl202258☆4,20
74The Color of Pomegranates196858☆3,87
75Once Upon a Time in Anatolia201157☆4,31
76True Romance199357☆4,14
77O Brother, Where Art Thou?200057☆4,13
78Asian Animation Shorts Festival 2023202357☆4,10
79Interview with the Vampire199457☆2,73
80Bohemian Rhapsody201857☆4,04
81Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai199957☆4,15
82Shadow Game202057☆4,17
83The Wizard of Oz193957☆4,13
84The Worst Person in the World202156☆4,07
85A Streetcar Named Desire195155☆3,99
86Dune: Part One202055☆3,97
88Rebels of the Neon God199255☆4,02
89Easy Rider196955☆3,97
90Queen & Slim201954☆4,08
91Four Daughters202354☆4,05
92Drie vrouwen201753☆4,08
93Alledaagse waardigheid202353☆4,00
95The Doom Generation199553☆3,79
96The Favourite201853☆4,02
98Io capitano202353☆4,15
100Je, tu, il, elle197452☆3,88
103Robot Dreams202351☆3,99
104Human Forever202351☆4,05
105Happy Together199751☆3,96
106Dazed and Confused199350☆3,95
107The Lighthouse201950☆3,87
108Just Mercy201950☆4,01
109Hot Fuzz200750☆3,80
110Two-Lane Blacktop197150☆3,41
111Swan Song202149☆3,92
112The Albanian Virgin202149☆4,01
113The Darjeeling Limited200749☆4,06
114Pom Poko199449☆3,84
115The Old Oak202349☆3,95
116The Hunger198349☆3,71
117Captain Fantastic201649☆3,91
118Professione: Reporter197448☆4,02
119Beau travail199948☆3,81
122Touki Bouki197348☆3,76
123Le journal d'un curé de campagne195147☆3,50
124About Dry Grasses202347☆3,82
126Fall Guy 198246☆3,90
127Pierrot le Fou196546☆3,70
129Au hasard Balthazar196645☆3,79
131God Said Give 'Em Drum Machines202244☆3,10
132Stranger than Paradise198444☆3,98
134The Chase196643☆3,84
135Taste of Cherry199743☆3,90
136Kokomo City202343☆3,74
137The Peanut Butter Falcon201943☆3,87
138Àma Gloria202343☆3,93
139Le pot-au-feu202343☆3,80
140On the Waterfront195443☆3,88
141The Killing of a Sacred Deer201742☆3,73
142Latcho drom199342☆4,00
143Kubo and the Two Strings 3D201642☆3,82
144Dust in the Wind 198642☆3,67
145The Boy and the Heron202342☆3,80
146Empire of Light202241☆3,81
147Mijn Rembrandt201941☆3,76
149Moeder Suriname202341☆3,80
150The Evil Dead198141☆3,73
151My own private Idaho199141☆3,81
152The Peasants202440☆3,71
153L'amour et les fôrets202340☆3,62
154Woman of...202340☆3,40
155Le sommet des dieux202140☆3,92
156Fallen Leaves202339☆3,75
157District 9200938☆3,90
158The Blair Witch Project199938☆3,58
159Mad God202138☆3,89
160La belle époque201937☆3,79
161The Crossing202037☆3,60
162To Catch a Thief195537☆3,43
163Bright Star200936☆3,70
164Critical Zone202336☆3,00
165L'abbé Pierre202336☆3,53
166Still the Water201436☆3,66
167Terrestrial Verses202335☆3,80
168Everybody Wants Some201535☆3,27
169The Reason I Jump202035☆3,71
170Flowers of Shanghai 199835☆3,36
172Neem me mee202333☆3,62
174Gone Girl201433☆3,75
175I'm Perfectly Fine202333☆3,64
176Songs of Earth202333☆3,49
177Knight of Cups201533☆2,51
179Clara Sola202133☆3,71
180They Live198832☆3,71
182The Shiny Shrimps202032☆3,30
183Inside Llewyn Davis201332☆3,65
184Civil War202431☆3,60
185The Great Escaper202431☆3,67
186Monkey Man202431☆3,43
187Tiger Stripes202331☆3,12
188Red Rocket202130☆3,61
189Almost Famous200029☆3,85
190Toen we van de Duitsers verloren202328☆3,63
192Le gamin au vélo201127☆3,88
193Asteroid City202326☆3,37
195Battle of the Sexes201726☆3,54
196Van de koele meren des doods 198226☆3,44
197Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes202426☆3,39
198Kung Fu Panda 4 202424☆3,36
199Los delincuentes202323☆3,38
200Bob Marley: One Love202423☆3,38
201Plan 75202223☆3,43
202The Fugitive Kind196022☆3,60
203Kop op202122☆3,40
204Waar is Anne Frank202122☆3,21
205El Paraíso202320☆3,53
207Los Versos del Olvido201720☆3,15
209Drive-Away Dolls202319☆2,96
210Zaatari Djinn201618☆3,21
211Club Zero202317☆3,09
212The Coffee Table202317☆3,73
213A Few Mornings, an Evening202317☆2,87
214De krekel197815☆3,29
215Valerie and Her Week of Wonders197014☆3,40
216Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire202413☆2,47
217Hail, Caesar!201513☆2,82
218Kung Fu Panda 4 20240☆3,32
219Hilversum in zwart-wit20240☆3,24
220João en het mes19720☆3,18
 Glas, mijn onvervulde leven2023  
 The Hudsucker Proxy1994  
 La notte di San Lorenzo1982  
 Cemetery Man 1994  
 Taste of Freedom2024  
 Sleepy Hollow1999  
 A Summer in Boujad2022  
 Abang Adik2023  
 Deep Sea2024  
 Harlan County, USA1976  
 Le procès Goldman2023  
 Kanaval: A People's History of Haiti in Six Chapters2022  
 Un condamné à mort s'est échappé1957  
 A Night of Knowing Nothing2021  
 It Happened One Night1934  
 Framing Agnes2022  
 Chicken for Linda!2024  
 Sacred Water2016  
 Monsoon Wedding2001  
 Picknick met taart2016  
 Plantage Tamarinde1964  
 Best of Kaboom Animation Festival2024  
 Le quai des brumes1938  
 What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?1962  
 Dark Victory1939  
 Katak, de dappere beloega2023  
 De Gruffalo2009  
 Swimming Home2024  
 Stemmen van naoorlogse generaties2023  
 Rye Lane2023  
 Double bill: Mad Max2024  
 Vlindervrienden en het grote avontuur2024  
 De drie rovers2007  
 Heksendrank en Drakenvuur2012  
 The Man Who Wasn't There2001  
 In dienst van de vrede2024  
 También la lluvia2010  
 Coconut Head Generation2023  
 Style Wars1983  
 The Persian Version2023  
 Nieuwe Helden2013  
 High and Low1963  
 Explanation for Everything2023  
 LI-MA Presents: Can I Touch You Online?2024  
 The Marsh King's Daughter2023  
 Now, Voyager1942  
 La bella estate2023  
 Trances 1981  
 The Whales of August1987  
 Mikey and Nicky1976  
 Art College 19942023  
 Five Apples Don't Make a Pair2024  
 Il bidone1955  
 Boy Kills World2024  
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